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Criminal Justice Management 2017 Exhibitor Wrap Up

The Criminal Justice Management (CJM) Conference provided a perfect platform and opportunity for sponsors and exhibitors to place themselves in front of a relevant audience heightening the exposure of their brand. The exhibitors gained the opportunity to meet face to face with key decision makers in the Criminal Justice sector who enjoyed high value conversations regarding how the Criminal Justice sector will look in the future.

Products and services were able to be exhibited in a live environment increasing business potential, generating fresh leads whilst exhibitors also engaging with previous customers. TheBigWord Language Services, one of the exhibitors at the conference held a prime location to exhibit their business to a floor filled with delegates. Offering a professional, interpreting, translation and localisation service which is trusted by 100 global brands, the company have a £120m Ministry of Justice (MoJ) deal signing over 3,000 recruits for TheBigWord interpreting services. After having being involved with the CJM Conference for the past four years, TheBigWord stated that CJM is a key event which produces a great list of delegates and speakers to network with.

Pineapple, producers of the revolutionary Ryno furniture range exhibited their high secure prison furniture for delegates to enjoy at the CJM conference demonstrating how they intend to help transform custodial environments. Located near the entrance of the conference, delegates were attracted to the bright and attractive furniture allowing Pineapple to engage with the prospect of future clients. Jayne Shawcross, Head of Marketing at Pineapple stated that exhibiting at CJM allowed: “Pineapple to get involved with key people and giving the opportunity to physically show products which people can physically interact with the product giving a much better experience for consumers before buying the product.”

A seminar session led by one of the CJM sponsors Novus, a charity and social enterprise covered putting policy into practice and how prison education can reduce reoffending. Novus delivers education and training in over 60 prisons including the new welsh prison HMP Berwyn. It was thought by the exhibitors from Novus that the CJM conference was a key event for the Criminal Justice system as it brought everyone from the sector together. The seminar session was key for the promotion of Novus as it allowed the UK innovation company to demonstrate products, services and solutions in a live and interactive environment for an hour.

Engagement, networking opportunities, high quality delegates and speakers produced were the main outcomes of the Criminal Justice Management Conference 2017 which were regarded highly by the sponsors and exhibitors at the event. The fantastic audience and great facilities were a contributing factor to Jacob Hill, Managing Director of Offploy and Speaker at the Novus Seminar who “cannot wait for next year’s event.”

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