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Intelligent Fingerprinting

Intelligent Fingerprinting recently launched the world’s first portable, fingerprint-based drug screening system. The revolutionary system analyses the sweat in a fingerprint to detect drugs and drug metabolites.  Sample collection takes five seconds, with screening results (for cocaine, opiates, cannabis and amphetamines) delivered in under ten minutes.  Fingerprint drug tests offer a simpler, more hygienic option for testers than conventional screening methods involving saliva or urine samples. Those being tested benefit from a dignified and non-invasive collection method.   The new test has been fully trialled and is available to order.  Initial applications include use within drug rehabilitation, criminal justice and coroner services.

Introducing Intelligent Fingerprinting (video)

Fingerprint drug testing – how it works (video)

Fingerprint drug tests: re-inventing prison drug screening? (Blog)

Fingerprint drug testing for prisons

Fingerprint drug testing for coroners

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