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Plans Set for Durham Prison to Build Extremist Only Unit

HMP Frankland high-security prison in Durham is this summer set to build the first of three units known as ‘jihadi jails’ to separate the most dangerous extremist prisoners away from other inmates. Following in the footsteps of Goulburn prison in Australia, the plan is to separate ‘subversive prisoners’, following a rise in the spread of Islamic extremism.

Following a report published last year, ministers said: “they wanted to isolate extremist inmates who seek to poison the minds of others.” The new unit aims to intervene with forms of communication with the ‘prison within a prison’ monitoring mail, calls, the elimination of extremist literature and conversation even if not in English to eliminate any possible signs of future terrorism.

The isolated centres will in the future provide a wider strategy with aims to eradicate extremism, which will also involve the formation of a new directorate for Security, Order and Counter-Terrorism. The analysis of intelligence will also provide advice for prisons in England and Wales on how to deal with specific threats and how to deter staff from being converted into extremism.

Ian Acheson, Former Prison Governor and Senior Home Office Official, said: “Prison is an ideal environment for the death-cult of Islamist extremism to flourish.”

It has been recently reported across the national press that Muslim extremists in UK prisons have been violently forcing extreme jihadist views onto fellow inmates with intent to indoctrinate prisoner’s beliefs. Following a report last year, Muslim inmates at the New South Wales prison tried to force Islamic beliefs upon fellow prisoners.

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By Isabella Hambley



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