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Seminar Presented by Unilink


The Digital Prison – Challenges, Outcomes, Future

Discussing the Current Environment of Prisons and the Impact Digital Technology Can Have on Improving Prison Operations, Safety and Rehabilitation 

  • Improving digital access in prisons to provide the opportunity to make lasting effects on reducing reoffending rates by helping to maintain strong family relationships and building essential digital skills
  • Digitalising prison to improve safety and make opearations smoother and safer
  • Exploring the challenges and the lessons learnt of bringing cutting edge technology behind bars

Speaker: Robin Knowles, Founder and CEO, Digital Leaders

Speaker: Grahame Hawkings, Former Governor of HMP Isis

Speaker: Andy Wright, National Implementation Lead for Digital Incell / Prisoner Self Service  (formally Head of Reducing Reoffending at HMP Wayland)

Speaker:Dr Victoria Knight PhD MA BA (Hons), Senior Research Fellow for the Community and Criminal Justice Division, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, De Montfort University


Seminar Presented by Sound Training

SoundTraining-329X80 (002)

Examining how Literacy Training can Impact Offending Rates

  • Using Sound Training, a literacy training programme that can transform learner’s use of vocabulary in just a few hours
  • Examining how improving literacy levels can impact on confidence, self-efficacy and engagement in other education initiatives, as evidenced in the evaluation of Sound Training in 3 reform prisons during the autumn of 2016
  • Discussing strategies to encourage more engagement of learners

Speaker: Ian Blakeman, Director, Tees and Wear Reform Prisons

Speaker: Ellie Mulcahy, Research Associate, LKMCo

Speaker: Katy Parkinson, Founder Director, Sound Training

Speaker: Claire Preston, CEO, Sound Training

Seminar Presented by Egress


With increased emphasis placed on the need to drive efficiency, free up resource and enhance service delivery through digital, the justice community is undergoing a far-reaching period of transformational change.

Digital file transfer and collaboration is seen as a crucial tactic in delivering a connected end-to-end justice system, but it also brings with it considerable risk to data security and disruption to business process if not managed in a coordinated and structured way.

 Delivering Digital Transformation whilst Ensuring the Security of Sensitive Data and Established Working Practices

  • Understanding the role and benefits of digital communication as part of connected, end-to-end justice system
  • Discussing the role technology can play in delivering secure, assured services to multiple stakeholders in the justice community
  • Envisioning how work processes can be preserved, and improved, in the face of transformational change
  • Learning how to implement digital communication in way that mitigates risk to sensitive information

Speaker: Tony Pepper, CEO, Egress Software Technologies

Seminar Presented by Intelligent Fingerprinting


Fingerprint Drug Tests: A Revolutionary Approach to Drug Screening for the Criminal Justice System

  • Introducing fingerprint drug testing: simple and hygienic 5-second sample collection, with results in under 10 minutes
  • Reviewing practical use of the system in pilot trials with Coroners and drug rehabilitation services
  • Discussing potential Criminal Justice applications for the new test, including offender management, rehabilitation treatment and the police service

Speaker: Paul Yates, Business Development Director of Intelligent Fingerprinting

Speaker: Ian Arrow, Her Majesty’s Senior Coroner (Plymouth, Torbay & South Devon)

Seminar Presented by Novus

exh logo

Putting Policy into Practice: How Prison Education can Reduce Reoffending

  • Address the fragmentation of risk with better planning, support and efficiencies
  • Safeguarding quality through implementing a Governor-led framework, developing a core curriculum and providing flexible services that respond to prisoner needs
  • Looking beyond education at the destination of the learner
  • Measuring performance based on rehabilitation and reducing reoffending
  • Working with the prison and HMPPS colleagues to create a holistic approach to regime

Speaker: Mark Oldfield, Director of Justice Development, Novus

Speaker: Sally Garratt, Director of Operations, Novus

Speaker: Jacob Hill, Managing Director, Offploy

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