2017 Speaker Contributors


Seminar Presented by Unilink


The Digital Prison – Challenges, Outcomes, Future

Discussing the Current Environment of Prisons and the Impact Digital Technology Can Have on Improving Prison Operations, Safety and Rehabilitation 

  • Improving digital access in prisons to provide the opportunity to make lasting effects on reducing reoffending rates by helping to maintain strong family relationships and building essential digital skills
  • Digitalising prison to improve safety and make opearations smoother and safer
  • Exploring the challenges and the lessons learnt of bringing cutting edge technology behind bars


Seminar Presented by Manchester College


Content coming soon…

Seminar Presented by Egress


Content coming soon…

Seminar Presented by Sound Training

SoundTraining-329X80 (002)

Examining how Literacy Training can Impact Offending Rates

  • Using Sound Training, a literacy training programme that can transform learner’s use of vocabulary in just a few hours 
  • Examining how improving literacy levels can impact on confidence, self-efficacy and engagement in other education initiatives, as evidenced in the evaluation of Sound Training in 3 reform prisons during the autumn of 2016
  • Discussing strategies to encourage more engagement of learners

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