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Seminar Presented by Egress

With increased emphasis placed on the need to drive efficiency, free up resource and enhance service delivery through digital, the justice community is undergoing a far-reaching period of transformational change.

Digital file transfer and collaboration is seen as a crucial tactic in delivering a connected end-to-end justice system, but it also brings with it considerable risk to data security and disruption to business process if not managed in a coordinated and structured way.

 Delivering Digital Transformation whilst Ensuring the Security of Sensitive Data and Established Working Practices

  • Understanding the role and benefits of digital communication as part of connected, end-to-end justice system
  • Discussing the role technology can play in delivering secure, assured services to multiple stakeholders in the justice community
  • Envisioning how work processes can be preserved, and improved, in the face of transformational change
  • Learning how to implement digital communication in way that mitigates risk to sensitive information

Speaker: Tony Pepper, CEO, Egress Software Technologies


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