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Sky Fence at Guernsey Prison aims to Eliminate Drone Technology

Les Nicolle has become the first UK prison to build a Sky Fence. The anti-drone technology system aims to prevent the smuggling of contraband with drones, which is an increased major security problem found within Britain’s prisons.

A 2,000ft shield known as a Sky Fence installed with 20 “disruptors” on the perimeter of the shield and on the inside of the wall will sensor any potential drones approaching the Guernsey prison. The disruptors will jam the drone’s computer blocking drone frequencies, deflecting them in-flight.

Guernsey Prison Governor, David Matthews said: “this is the first time this technology has been used in any prison anywhere in the world” and “would like to see it adopted in other UK prisons because it has become a significant problem there. Drones can carry weapons, contraband, mobile phones and drugs. This is about prevention.”

The installation process of a Sky Fence system to prisons will cost between £100,000 and £250,000. The new and moderately cheap system is part of a £1.7m security upgrade at the prison which also aims to introduce new cameras, a new lighting system and high-security alarms.

Drone Defence and Eclipse Digital Solutions, two UK based companies have over the past year helped to create the Sky Fence. Richard Gill, Founder and CEO of the Nottingham-based company Drone Defence said that the Sky Fence: “disrupts the control network between the flyer and the drone. The drone then activates return to home mode and it will then fly back to the position where it had signal with its flyer.”

Come and listen to David Matthews at the Criminal Justice Management Conference 2017 held at the QEII Centre, London as he talks about prison reform and other related topics.

By Isabella Hambley

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