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Craig Thomson
HMP Thameside (Confirmed)
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Craig has worked in the criminal justice sector for 32 years, starting within the public sector prisons in Scottish Prison Service in1985.  He moved to Strathclyde Police and then to Serco 16 years ago and has had the pleasure of being the Director of five custodial contracts over 14 years.

For the past 16 months, Craig has been the Director of HMP Thameside, a very new prison in real terms.  His team are passionate and enthusiastic, they deliver high levels of care and put their shoulder to the wheel at times of need.

As a veteran of criminal justice, Craig is really proud of my team and everything they are achieving.

Craig has been married to the lovely Kate for 33 years and they have three, now very adult, children and four beautiful grandchildren.  In the rare event he is not working, he love cycling along the Thames pathway and also cycling with Kate through the gorgeous Larnark hills where we live in Scotland.

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