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Detective Superintendent Ian Parnell

Knife Crime Lead
West Midlands Police (Confirmed)

Ian has been a police officer with West Midlands Police for the past 18 years. The majority of his career has been as a detective working on volume, complex and major crime. Ian has held senior policing positions within Intelligence, Contact & Communications and Investigations. Ian is currently a senior leader within the Force Criminal Investigation Department with responsibility for Initial Investigation, Missing Persons, Cyber Crime, Digital Investigation and Economic Crime. Ian has also lead on internal change projects and the central planning function supporting a department of 1400 staff. Ian leads on tackling knife crime on behalf of West Midlands Police, setting the strategic direction and working nationally with government and locally with communities and partners to reduce the threat and impact of this crime type. This work has been recognised nationally as being innovative and engaging.

  • Reviewing the rise in violent crime in 2017, with murder up 17%, knife crime up 21% and gun crime up 20%
  • The Public Health Approach versus the Criminal Justice Approach to gangs: How can an integrated strategy be adopted?
  • Enhancing reporting standards of knife crime from schools and community organisations and ensuring that those carrying a knife are robustly dealt with through the criminal justice system
  • Exploring how the 2017 London Knife Crime and ‘London Needs you Alive’ Strategies could boost community-led intervention programmes to help young people turn their back on crime
  • How can tailored one-to-one mentoring prevent gang affiliated violence and criminal behaviour?
  • Outlining how improvements in vocational training and educational support have increased employability among young offenders and broken the cycle of reoffending by 38% over the past decade