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Helen Clipsom

Fresh Start 4U Manager
Bradford City Council (Confirmed)

Helen Clipsom has worked for City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council for a number of years, and currently heads up the Fresh Start 4U project, a council-funded initiative which has been working with offenders in the community since July 2015, to reduce the demand on publicly-funded services by helping individuals to become less vulnerable, have more stable lives and be better integrated into the community. Helen’s background is in project management and she has previously worked on large projects in other areas, particularly logistics and IT.  A project management approach to Fresh Start 4U, which has been a pathfinder for a number of services working with individuals with multiple needs, has allowed the project to identify and focus on effective approaches to preventing reoffending by reintegrating offenders into the community.  Recent evaluation of the project carried out by the University of Huddersfield has shown that, based on MoJ data, re-offending amongst the Fresh Start 4U Cohort was 75% lower than would be predicted. Over one third of service users found a job or achieved another ETE related outcome.

  • Adopting a conflict-centred approach to reform the prison environment and the relationship between staff and prisoners
  • Fostering a culture of shared responsibility for safety between staff and prisoners so that everyone has a stake in creating a safe and stable prison
  • HMP Exeter: Exploring the correlation between lower numbers of staff, poor physical conditions and rises in violence
  • Empowering Governors with full budget control and freedom to ensure prisoners receive the very best personalised education and health services
  • Gaining insights into a local government initiative that gives former prisoners every opportunity to re-join the community as productive members and maintain rehabilitation outcomes