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Justin Russell

Director General, Justice Analysis & Offender Policy Group
Ministry of Justice (Confirmed)

Justin joined MOJ on 17 October 2016. He is Director General of the Justice Analysis & Offender Policy Group and SRO for the Prison Safety and Reform Programme. He started his career as a social researcher in the Home Office and has worked on a wide range of criminal justice issues including as a Senior Policy Adviser on home affairs in the No10 Policy Unit and as Head of the Violent Crime Unit in the Home Office where he led the Ending Gang and Youth Violence Programme and the government’s strategy on ending violence against women and girls. From 2012 to 2016 he was a Director at the Department for Work and Pensions where he led the production of the 2013 White Paper on state pension reform and was the SRO for the Employment and Support Allowance reform programme and Director for disability employment and support.

An overview from the Ministry of Justice on progress regarding Prison and Probation Reform and Youth Justice since the 2016 Prison Safety and Reform White Paper and key next steps

  • Transforming prison and probation services into secure and safe places of reform
  • Reviewing the outcomes and deliverables of the HMCTS digitisation to enable better access to the criminal justice system
  • Working with the Inspectorate on an urgent notification process & new unit to track implementation of HMIP recommendations
  • Building digital products and delivering in-cell technology that will better enable prisoners to access education, communicate with their families and reinforce good behaviour
  • Reviewing the directions of travel set by the MoJ following the release of the ‘Areas of Research Interest’ report in May 2018