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LJ Flanders
Former Inmate of HMP Pentonville and Author
‘The Cell Workout’ (Confirmed)
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Imprisoned in 2011, L.J. Flanders was keen to focus his energy on a positive activity.  He qualified as a personal trainer and devised a fitness programme that would enable him to rely solely on using his own body weight and could be performed in a limited space, with no access to gym equipment.  Once released L.J. was convinced that the training regime would benefit the mental and physical health of anyone, anywhere. The programme became ‘Cell Workout’

Since the release of Cell Workout L. J. has been visiting UK prisons to promote the importance of exercise. This has led to his exciting new project, the development of his Cell Workout Workshop. The Workshop teaches how to use the body weight training method, and also encourages self-achievement and making good use of time spent in prison. By assisting rehabilitation and reducing re-offending L. J. hopes to bring about positive change and improve the quality of life of people in prison, their families and the wider community.

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