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Tom Read

Chief Digital and Information Officer
Ministry of Justice (Confirmed)

Tom is a digital transformation expert, specialising in building diverse, energetic and brilliant teams. His successes so far have been built on a few key beliefs. Firstly that everything we do should start with the user: from deciding what laptop to provision to designing a digital service, the user needs to be at the centre of every decision. Secondly that people can do amazing things and will love change if you include them in every decision. Thirdly, that things don't need to be nearly this complicated in the digital and technology space: start small, iterate and use simple language to describe what you're doing. Specific experience in digital and technology transformation, delivering large change programmes to enable agile business development and increase productivity. Focused on understanding user needs and implementing simple, elegant solutions that people prefer to use.

  • Outlining the justice system’s digital journey-  from getting the basics sorted (putting services online) to the present (redesigning services for the digital age)
  • Projecting a short distance into the future: what things are likely to look like in 5-10 years’ time